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  • I was born in Omaha Nebraska, but I was raised in Rogers ville mo, which is not even that far from Springfield. I got 97% on this quiz, and it said I was from Illinois! I've never even been to Illinois. Yeah, I might have spent some time in Nebraska but I have never forgotten my roots. This quiz is insulting.

  • I've lived in Missouri all my life... Sedalia Mo, and I got 54%? How the hell would I know this stuff anyways. I play outside and catch lightning bugs not pay attention to who won Miss Missouri.

  • Awful. I even got 91% and it said I may live in a surrounding state...I've lived in Soulard, stl Mo my entire life...and who would even know the largest church in Springfield!? 0 stars. Would be much better if it was titled are you from Springfield.

  • Decent quiz, but whoever created it needs to review grammar and spelling.

    It's Budweiser, not Budwiser.
    It's Baptist, not Babtist.
    It's "used" to be, not "use" to be.

  • ok first of all i was born in missouri and lived here 4 all 14 yrs of my life and i luved all of them and 2nd of all the college in springfield is missouri state university look it up dumb--- i bet u moved from out of state o and were did u go 2 high school wich fyi is the first question you will b asked if u go 2 missouri anyway im not from out of state and go cards 11 in 11 lets make it 12 in 12!!!!!!!!

  • ok, so mayb i dont no everythin bout missuri. im from illinois!! y wuld i no this stupid stuff? its DUMB!


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