How Mensa Are You?

So you passed the mensa test. Big deal. More and more riff raff are being let in by the day. Some fools are getting in with scores as low as 156. How stupid must they be!

You obviously are not that dumb. For you are what Mensa is all about. Take this test to prove this fact. It won't take long. In just a couple of minutes, you can prove to the world that you can be just another one of those idiots.

Created by: amazon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you decribe your personality?
  2. Is 1728 significant to you?
  3. Is 1729 significant to you?
  4. Do zeno's paradoxes mean anything to you?
  5. Would you say you are of above average intelligence?
  6. Have you ever tried finding patterns in your mensa id number?
  7. If I said "1337 15 (00|_, ]|_|5"||" |_1|<3 |\/|3|\|54", would you understand in any way?
  8. Did you willfully misinterpret a question in order to score higher?
  9. Did you try to find out the answer to a question to score higher?
  10. For James Yeomans only: I think this is better than your quiz. Your move, methinks.

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Quiz topic: How Mensa am I?