Mensa Personality Test

Personality test can be vague and ineffective. This Mensa Personality Test the short version of Mensa's Personality Profiler. It's extremely accurate for the limited amount of information required.

The brief questionaire can be used to determine if you actually have the personality you believe. If not, it is recommended to try the Personality Profiler available from Mensa.

Created by: J
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Education: Your educational goal is?
  2. Lifetime Goals
  3. Introductions are made by:
  4. In relationships you primarily:
  5. Closed or open minded:
  6. A problem arises in the last minutes of your work day. You:
  7. During a test you are dumbfounded by a question or task you do not recognize. You:
  8. Your personal motivation level:
  9. You are physically:
  10. You pass another person of the same gender. You:
  11. Your idea of new task or experiences:
  12. You pass a person of the opposite gender: You
  13. You believe your IQ is:
  14. IQ Test, Personality Test, and Psycological Evaluations are:

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