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  • haha they all look the same but It says I'm somewhat mature. true. it depends... if someone is making secks jokes or drawing dics on the window on the bus I'll usually think it's hillarious and join haha but with a lot of the kinds of questions in this quiz I'd be more mature about. some of your questions were about rumors and stuff I have a question what should I do if some of my bus buddies are making up shtuff about me that's definately not true but I think it's funny but I don't want people to believe it and they are also saying that I'm a whoore. I mean, these guys are awesome and the problem is I think the stuff is funny (cuz I'm immature) but SOME PEOPLE take it seriously cuz they don't know these guys well enough to know that you can NEVER take them seriously. sorry this is really long I don't have anyone to talk about this to and I want advice! mmkkkayy good quiz bye! [c:

  • Very mature

    You know how to handle tough situations without buckling under the pressure. Keep it up. This result is good. Be proud of this. Way to go! Dont let people bring you down.

    I am so not mature!

  • I am mature thanks

  • yeah this is what i'm talking about

  • lol gaby400


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