How many kids you wil have, their name and gender too.

This quiz is well kind something i made because i was really really bored and i know that this won't be read so I'm just going to make the longest run on sentence ever and only talk about bananas and stuff that doesn't fit in this sentence about the quiz because i can.

Ok so all the names in the results are all names that i have come up with and like so if you don't like the names then well you can choose different names.

Created by: xforgetXmex
  1. do you like children?
  2. (NO EFFECT) the dreaded favorite colour question! favorite colour, what is it?
  3. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  4. ( NO EFFECT) Favorite band out of the ones listed...
  5. would you rather have twins, triplets, one child, or more than four?
  6. (NO EFFECT) true or false: the winter solstice is on December 31?
  7. witch names do you like best for twins?
  8. (NO EFFECT) Bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. (NO EFFECT) blah
  10. done ready for results??

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