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  • Good quiz. Im 13 and i got 100%. Some people just don't care enough to use proper grammar, it's sad.

  • You are 100% blooper free in your grammar!

    If you got 100% Congratulations!! You should consider being an editor! But remember, everyone still needs an editor to check their work. That additional eye can make all the difference!

    For 85% - 99%

    Very Good. To be on the safe side, have an editor to check your work. For small things, always check your work over a few times. Reading it out loud will help, too.

    Quiz URL: how_many_bloopers_i n_your_grammar
    100 % I'm happy.

    Why do people nowadays no longer care that they sound . . . less than intelligent when their grammar, speech, and syntax are atrocious?

  • 100%!

    I'm good at grammar, but I'm REALLY good at Spelling.

    I have an average grade of 102 on my report card. :)

  • WOO! 100%! No wonder I got the Year 7 Dux Award!

  • misskiss, i think its stupid ur dissapointed. My friend took this quiz, she got 35%, and im not trying to comfort you by saying that. Anything above 50% is good, ok?

    I got 84%, i am HAPPY with my answer!

  • isn't it nowadays? i got 82%. i'm disappointed in myself. i thought i was better than that. grammar is what i'm best at but apparently i need to work on THAT too. lol. great quiz.

  • lolol correction: 'a lot of people now days thinks' should be 'a lot of people now days think'

    See what I mean? xD

  • I really enjoyed your quiz. A lot of people now days thinks that it's okay to just forget about grammar and spelling on the internet.

    It's not because if they do it on the internet, they probably do it on their essays and homework.

    I got an 86%. :]


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