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  • Okay, I got an atomic wedgie and my friend couldn't give me it: so here's my hanging wedgie story.

    We went outside and I stripped down to the most embarrassing underwear I have, a pair of Thomas the Tank engine briefs, that never rip and are really tight. So my friend hooked my underwear onto a tree, and wouldn't take me down for three hours. I ended up peeing in it, as punishment - my friend forced me to wear a nappy/diaper for a week, I'm currently in that diaper, as my friend is ready to spank me.

  • Ok so I got atomic wedgie for 5 hours but I still did it I grabbed my stretchy underwear and pulled it over my head and hooked it under my chin and just watched YouTube and lay down but after the 5 hours were up I still wanted to the hanging so I when to my room and got a chair and when to my hook that held up my painting and took the painting off got my underwear on the hook and moved the chair away at first its was fine but like an dumb--- I forgot I invited my bestfriend to come over and she walked into the house because the door was unlocked she was calling my name so she when to my room and when she look she was like o my god who did this to you and I said me I did it for a dare because I was bored. She had a weird smile and said is this the chair u used to get up I said yes and then she took the chair and moved next to me where the other hook is and she attached he underwear to the hook and jumped. I was like why did u do that and she said I wouldn't be a very good guest if I didnt join in the fun the host set up for me and then u blushed. She was like how long are we in this for anyway I said 2 hours she looked at me and said what. I was like look the dare was 5 hours but I knocked it down to 2 so be happy she just nodded her head and after the 2 hours were up we got off the hooks and when down stairs to watch TV

  • Okay so i decide i would do a hanging wedgie so this is my story.

    I went into my five year old brothers room and got a pair of his underwear(white briefs) then i went to a forest that i live close to. I found a branch then i pulled my pants down took of my underwear put my brothers one on(they were really tight) then i hang myself by my underwear. For the first five minutes it wasn't to bad. Then it was 20 mins and my balls started to hurt so bad. I tryed to get down but then a group of teenagers came and saw me. Then grabbed my pants(that were on the ground) and threw them away. Then they took my shirt of so now it's just me hanging on a tree with tight underwear and 4 teenagers. They started to spin my around the tree. Theb finally they left i got of the tree and i hat to walk home in my brothers underwear (it was a 10 min walk) worst day of my life

  • I cant stay home alone for 5 hrs today so here is my story :

    After I went into a small forest next to my house I found a metal fence which is perfect for hanging wedgies.

    I took two layers of blue briefs, because one would have ripped instantly.

    So after I hooked my underwear on the fence, I pushed the ladder I found there away and found my self in a pretty painful hanging wedgie with no escape, so I hung there hoping not to be caught in this embarrassing wedgie.

    After 5 min I took out my shirt and dropped my pants to my ankles to make it more interesting.

    After 10 min the wedgie really started to hurt and I couldnt feel my lags anymore, still no sign of ripping.

    I thought it would stop the pain if I lay to the front, but it only crushed my balls so I went into my old position, hoping that my briefs would rip soon.

    After 35 min in the same hanging wedgie I couldnt stand the pain anymore and because there was still no sight of ripping I started do bounce my self very hard but this only made the blue briefs ride further up my ass, causing such an insane pain, that I gave up pulled myself down with my hands which made the wedgie even more painful

    But finally after 37 min my feed touched the ground again, leaving my ripped off briefs hanging at the fence

    Thats it .

    Hope you all enjoyed my hanging wedgie story ( its a true one)

    Hanging at my TW
  • I got an atomic wedgie for 5 hours. Then my wedgie master took me outside and hung me on the fence. Melvin style, and I got a nice 200 spankings. Hard. Then I peed my pants as they gave me a bra connection wedgie. Then I was forced to onto a chair in front of a window naked, and if I moved I'd have to do it all again.

  • I can’t do an atomic, but I’ll give myself a wedgie as high as possible for as long as possible. I hate wedgies, why did I do this?!?!?

  • I got a atomic weggie!!! But I'm have to do the hanging one!!! Ok I'm in the weggie it's been 5 days!! Bully's came and bounced me spun me and spanked me about 1,0000 times!! Owwwie!!!

    Soo.. I can't get down.. I peed and pooped already oh and I'm in my tree in the front yard! Only in socks and my undies! Ima boy and my nuts hurt sooo bad and the poop slid down to the front! I'm stuck!!!!!

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  • ?!?!?!

    • I gave myself a hanging wedgie for 10 minutes, it hurt a lot and I couldn't get free. my sister just gave me a bra-connection wedgie.


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