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  • Okay, I got an atomic wedgie and my friend couldn't give me it: so here's my hanging wedgie story.

    We went outside and I stripped down to the most embarrassing underwear I have, a pair of Thomas the Tank engine briefs, that never rip and are really tight. So my friend hooked my underwear onto a tree, and wouldn't take me down for three hours. I ended up peeing in it, as punishment - my friend forced me to wear a nappy/diaper for a week, I'm currently in that diaper, as my friend is ready to spank me.

  • I can’t do an atomic, but I’ll give myself a wedgie as high as possible for as long as possible. I hate wedgies, why did I do this?!?!?

  • ?!?!?!

    • I gave myself a hanging wedgie for 10 minutes, it hurt a lot and I couldn't get free. my sister just gave me a bra-connection wedgie.


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