How long would you survive in Jurassic world

Have you seen Jurassic World, and the new crazy Hybrids? Well then you should put your brain to the test and see how long you would survive on the island with the dinosaurs.

Do you have what it takes to survive? If you do, then you should take the quiz and find out. Would you get rescued, or would you get eaten. Take it and see for yourself.

Created by: Kylee
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  1. Which weapon would you most likely use?
  2. If a you saw a T-Rex what would you do?
  3. If you had to take a piss what would you do?
  4. You find yourself running out of food, what do you do?
  5. You have been spotted by a Velociraptor, what do you do?
  6. Which one would you rather ride on?
  7. If you were out in the open and saw big birds flying down what would you do?
  8. Your hideout is up in the trees but something starts pushing the trees over, what would you do?
  9. Its dark outside and you lost your way, what do you do?
  10. You hear a helicopter going over the island, what is your instinct?
  11. Your by the water and see a rescue boat, what do you do?

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