will you survive Jurassic Park

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you fly to Jurassic Park the most advanced amusement park in the world then the power goes out you and you alone have to survive a world of deadly dinosaurs.

will you get to the helicopter safe from death or will you become victim to the velociraptors and not live to tell your tale find out in the ultimate quiz

Created by: Harry

  1. someone has invited you to come to a place with real dinosaurs what do you say
  2. you jump in a car and head down to a clearing and see a real dinosaur brachiosaur what do you do
  3. you get back in your car and approach the tyrannosaur paddock then suddenly the power goes out what do you do
  4. the T Rex comes and walks strait passed you now what do you do
  5. you run to the maintenance shed then you here the screech of a velociraptor what do you do
  6. the velociraptor goes away and its nearly night were will you camp
  7. you need food where do you look to find it
  8. you come to a souvenir shop what do you grab
  9. a carnotaurs suddenly jumps on the souvenir shop what do you do
  10. you see a helicopter fly down and some compies what do you do

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Quiz topic: Will I survive Jurassic Park