How long would you last in"The Thing"movie

See if you will last in the movie thats been around for years. "The Thing" What survived and what didnt like will you make it threw? I dont know but take the quiz to see if you do.

Are you the kind for shooting the creepy crawleis well this test will help you see if you can take out something even worst. The Thing. Its a good game and movie so id check it out

Created by: j man
  1. What fire weapon do u prefer to use.
  2. What do u want as your weapon
  3. How much do u trust your team
  4. Whats your reaction if u test one of your team mates for the disease and the vile breaks but dosnt turn into it
  5. whitley has trancralized you and has disarmed you. You find urself on a table later in a room seperated with other people in difrent rooms and to get to them you need to get threw some the things
  6. A thing pops out
  7. would you want to check out who is the cause of all of this
  8. you sure
  9. you sure your sure
  10. ok lets see if you live long

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