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  • bears and dart frogs dont live on beaches, some of the questions and situations were REALLY stupid and unrealistic, and eww why would somebody eat a mokey, there are other things to eat, the person who created this quiz is really dumb, you dont have to cut off your leg either, if you wait too long this will not do you any good anyways, besides with no medical supplies you are likely to bleed to death or die from an infection, really dumb and not at all like what would actually happen, just created from and ignorant mind, F

  • Why would I cut off my leg? I thought it would be more mind boggling than this! Even though a would survive a year, who would eat monkey, and where would you get a dart frog? Really Now?!!! How would you see a bear, monkey, and dart frog on a single island?!

    Water Ahhh
  • Woo i'd survive a year someone would come by then

  • Someone would have to have come in a year!

  • this quiz is stupid! on a tropical island there cannot be a bear because they have thick fur

  • um... I can't swim, so I wouldn't go swimming and have a shark eat me... :/

  • i hate it >:( its not true!!! >:(


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