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  • A hundred and thirty years old?! I know I'm healthy but damn I didn't know I was that healthy lol. I don't think I even wanna live that long. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • 112 years... that isn't likely possible, most people die under the age of 100, and the longest living person in the world died at the age 0f 122, I doubt some idiot's gonna come along and die at an age higher than that just 'cause a quiz said so.

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  • 132 years? inaccurate much?

    • I wouldn't want to live real long. It's not fun always trying to come up with the rent and having your electricity shut off sometimes. This is a cruel world and I wouldn't want to do anything to make myself live longer than I have to. Sorry.

  • my LOWEST one when I tried again was 128.Something there is wrong but the quiz rocks!:D

  • it says that im gonna live 121 yrs. wow good quiz

  • its said im gonna live to 83 years old thats sounds accurate

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