How logical are you?

How logical are you? There are questions in the following test that require a lot of hard thinking, because the right answer is always the logical answer. Something not all of us are used to. so take your time, breath and you should make it ok.

Are you Logical? Do you think you can handle having your brain scrambled? I created this to get people thinking again. This isnt too hard, but its not a 1st grade pop quiz either!!! Good luck!!

Created by: Danielle

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have 6 sons, and each son has one sister. How many people are in the Smith family?
  2. If you were to take 3 apples from 5 apples how many apples would you have?
  3. A group of soldiers were practicing drills facing west. Their sergent shouted at them: Right turn! About turn! Left Turn! Which direction are the soldiers facing?
  4. Which one of the following would see the best in total darkness? A lepord, bat, owl or a human?
  5. How long will an "eight-day clock" run without winding?
  6. how may times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?
  7. If a wheel has 64 spokes how many spaces are between the spokes?
  8. If you have two ships of equal size and strenght, and one is made of wood and the other steel which ship is heavier?
  9. If it takes 7 men 7 days to dig 7 holes how long would it take 1 man to dig 1/2 a hole?
  10. How many grooves are there on each side of a standard 33 1/3 record that has six songs on each side?

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Quiz topic: How logical am I?