Are you a true gamer?

Even the popular media has poked at the stigma that is "True Gamer". There's probably no such thing, in the logical sense. There's no real way to tell, but with quizzes like this, we can get damn close.

Take this test and see how you close you are to being a "True Gamer". Or at least how well you answer video game trivia thought up by some geek. This accolade probably wouldn't fare well on your resume' but it's bragging rights on xbox live.

Created by: Enigmatist
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  1. Do you consider yourself a "gamer"?
  2. Did you own an original Nintendo Entertainment System when it was first introduced?
  3. When you get a new popular game, you...
  4. Okay... The rest of the questions are gamer trivia. Do you think you know a lot about video games?
  5. In the original Metroid on NES, what last name was the key to a master password?
  6. The game "Vandal Hearts" is best described as a:
  7. The German team's name on the game "Powerball" was:
  8. Which of these weapons was available in Single Player mode, but not Multiplayer in "Goldeneye"
  9. Which of the following statements could you not truthfully make about your abilities in "Halo"
  10. Which of the following stats is not tracked on your performance in Guitar Hero II?
  11. The monster "Ghoma" in The Legend of Zelda was what type of creature?
  12. Which of the following statements can not possibly be logically true?
  13. In FFX-2, we find Lulu is married to:
  14. Who is the final boxer you must fell before reaching Mike Tyson in the NES title "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out"
  15. In order to Make the Moon in Katamari Damacy, your Katamari must reach a size of:
  16. In the quirky shooter, "Armed & Dangerous" you team up with a polite, yet deadly tea-drinking...
  17. Which of the following is NOT an obstruction that can impede your driving in Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube?
  18. Pop Quiz! Gamers gotta know what's going on in their industry, right? Okay, so which of the people below is NOT a friend to the gaming industry?
  19. Shame on you if you said "Doug Lowenstein" for the previous question. Thanks Douglas for all you've done. NOW THEN.... who is bumping Harmonix out and stepping in for the next Guitar Hero project?
  20. The controversial racy mod in the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas" was probably called Hot Coffee because:
  21. In the RPG "Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits", which character is first to discover that Lillia has the Light Stone?
  22. In the sleeper hit RTS "Herzog Zwei" on Sega Genesis, which of the following is not a playable Map?
  23. What is your primary weapon in Goonies II for NES?
  24. "Deja Vu" came out on NES in a very unique niche of First Person Puzzlers whose foundation was laid by what title?
  25. As part of an April Fool's joke, the fabricated character "Sheng Long" was said to appear after nigh-impossible tasks were completed in what game?
  26. The first available warp pipe in Super Mario Bros. can be found in:
  27. In order to obtain Unlabored Flawlessness in Ninja Gaiden (xbox), you must:
  28. In most Final Fantasy games, if both your party and the enemy party are using Reflect; the best course of action would be:
  29. In Burnout: Revenge, which of the following is not a real Crash Junction?
  30. According to the storyline in the awesome action game, God of War; what turned Kratos' skin white?
  31. As the prize for a contest, one lucky winner was awarded the placement of his full name (first/last) into the game Kingdom Hearts. What character in the game donned the prize-winning name?
  32. Games like Star Tropics and Lunar could best be described as:
  33. Games like Kickle Cubicle and Lolo would best be classified as:
  34. Games like Ristar and Alpha Waves would probably most notably be considered:
  35. Which movie did not have a video game made after it, or come from a video game to begin with?
  36. Which of the following is not an actual line of dialogue spoken by a character in Halo 2?
  37. What do Moogles say?
  38. Pac-Man is considered one of the most important games in the history of video games. What was the inspiration for the character's look?

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