How likely are you to go to prison?

This quiz was made using data from various sources, includes news articles, scientific papers, and other scholarly sources. These articles showed links to various contributions to adolescent behavior/identity and incarceration. This is known as the School to Prison Pipeline.

Answer these questions honestly, I do not see who answers which question, I will only see the results you post to google classroom. I will not make judgements on your results at all, it is for your information only.

Created by: Mr. Estrada

  1. What is your racial identity?
  2. What is your gender identity?
  3. How well can you read?
  4. Have you already been to Juvenile Detention?
  5. Do you have a Learning Disability?
  6. What type of learning disability do you have?
  7. How many Special Education classes are you in?
  8. How are you grades?
  9. How often do you come to your classes?
  10. Are you on track for graduation?(I have 40-60 credits as a sophomore, 100-120 credits as a junior, 160-180 credits as a senior)
  11. Do you regularly consume illicit substances?
  12. Do you think you will graduate high school?
  13. How many times do you get in trouble in a year? (How many referrals do you get in a year)

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to go to prison?