How Likely Are You To Get Run Over By A Giant Truck?

Giant Trucks are very dangerous and if you get hit by one you could possibly die. Well in this quiz you will find out how likely you are to get hit by a giant truck. Have fun!

Have you ever wondered if you would ever get hit by a giant truck. Well you are about to find out in this quiz I hope you have lots of fun. Be very careful!

Created by: CodySimpsonLuv
  1. Do you play in the streets during the day?
  2. Have you ever once got run over by any type of vehicle?
  3. Do you play in the streets at night?
  4. Can you run really fast?
  5. Have your parents ever told you not to run around in the streets?
  6. Have you ever jumped out of a moving vehicle?
  7. Is one of your family members a truck driver?
  8. Do you sleepwalk?
  9. Have you ever been attacked by a rabbit?
  10. Have you ever been dared to jump in front of a giant moving truck?

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Quiz topic: How Likely am I To Get Run Over By A Giant Truck?