What car type are you

Well now you have completed the quiz you have figured out what vehicle you are most alike. You have the chanceof being a pontiac a ferrari a ford truck an SUV or a monster truck

What did you want to be. I hav aways wanted to be a ferrari whether i am or not i will never know. Well enjoy the quiz and whatever tou are deal with it

Created by: Eliott collins
  1. On a scale of 1 to 6 how tall are you.
  2. Are you fast?
  3. Are you strong?
  4. Are you dependable?
  5. Are you energetic?
  6. Are you italian
  7. What is your fav color
  8. What sport do you play?
  9. On a scale of one to six how good do you look?
  10. What is your favorite car

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Quiz topic: What car type am I