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  • 51%

    heh you actually have a chance at getting married but you might actually be a little gay so you should probably try and get a girl friend.

    This quiz sucks.

    Sir Claymore Aug 10 '17, 12:16AM
  • Excuse me I am a girl and I am not into women I was married 13 years and yes I have a daughter that is 9 yrs old, my husband passed away 6 yrs ago, and by the sound of it u don't even know what marriage is, so piss off before I go ape on your f@@@@@@ a@@

    miss berry rose Aug 7 '14, 7:16PM
  • This was a awful quiz and this person has very bad grammer. This was the worst quiz I have took.

    happypuppy Jun 17 '14, 12:16AM
  • Haha. I'm a straight girl, so, no thank you to the whole "getting a gf" thingy. And, you're the only one with bad taste in music. :)

    firepikachu Oct 20 '13, 1:34AM
  • congrats you are70%likely to get married!

    I can hear the bells cant you hear them chime you are deffrinatly getting married but maybe you havent found the right person just keep searching.

    Yay I like my results (:

    ahscheerleader Dec 11 '10, 2:19PM
  • okay, im a girl... if i got a gf...that would be lesbian...and i am dang STRAIGHT!!!
    67% of getting married...yay?

    MCR_4EVER Nov 23 '07, 5:47PM

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