How likely are you to get fox hat on animal jam?

There are many fox hat people, but few true jammers. rare is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a fox hat? A fox hat is the rarest (well one of the rarest items in jammamind.)

Are you rare enough to get a fox hat? Could you get a fox hat? are you eligible for a severe rare? do you think you can become rare enough? well thanks to my quiz you're about to find out!!

Created by: otty

  1. So do you want a fox hat at all?
  2. Are you from beta stage?
  3. How rare are you?
  4. Would you scam a fox hat?
  5. Would you give a fox hat to me?
  6. Doesn't count What's my user?
  7. what ae fox hats
  8. do you have a fox hat
  9. Omg last queston
  10. john cena

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to get fox hat on animal jam?