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  • Wow 47% chances and no kids

    Aaomigerad Mar 16 '16, 12:24PM
  • Umm 47% and no kids wow

    Aaomigerad Mar 16 '16, 12:23PM
  • I can't believe I got 77%!I am soooo stupid!oh well I got a really hot man!

    jaylynn Dec 19 '07, 4:20PM
  • i dont tink so im gonna be rich and a psychologist

    girlnextdoor Dec 19 '07, 12:56PM
  • 44% i think this quiz is a loooooooser. Im gonna have an ugly partner aint I?

    Jeri Sparkles Dec 18 '07, 3:50PM
  • I'm incredibly successful yet i was 62% likely to fail. WHATEVER!!! *sob*

    feowsh Dec 17 '07, 4:10PM

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