How likely are you going to be a POP SENSATION

Hello what does being a pop sensation mean?, does it mean you have great cloths, you can sing, or you just like pop and got famous for it.A pop sensation is to make the people who listen to your music feel good about themselves and happy and care whats going on in the world and if you do that for the people who turn on the radio or plug in a headset feel like that, then they will appreciate you so much that they'll make you feel so much better in life and that you can start changing others.And not just your self.

Are you a pop sensation? can you make people feel like they can change the world because of your music.You could only wonder, but now thanks to this awesome quiz you can stop wondering and find out in just a couple of minutes.

Created by: hayley.d

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  1. Do you hit the mall like you own it all?
  2. what kind of fashion sense do you have the latest fashion 2nd hand store or really nice stores just not designer?
  3. do you like high heels, flats, sandals,runners,sk8er shoes, or none of the above
  4. are you a good singer HONEST
  5. are you a good dancer
  6. do you have self confidence
  7. do you where make-up
  8. why do you want to be a pop sensation
  9. would you sing sad, fun, hip hop,or all kind of music
  10. what kind of music do you listen to pop country slow songs/sad songs rock rap or goth?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I going to be a POP SENSATION