How likeable are you?

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There are many people in the world. The loved ones. The hated ones. The ones with everything. You now have the chance to figure out what kind of person you are.

You have the chance to find out what type of likeability you are out of three. Very inaccurate, but let's see. You can be: That kid who no one likes, but no one hates That kid with lots of friends but none to talk to That kid who's set

Created by: Silvereye of this site
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  1. It's lunchtime, and you have work to do. You . . .
  2. You have just arrived to school. You . . .
  3. (this is a legit question) Hey!
  4. (also legit question) bye!
  5. (friend) Do you think I'm fat?
  6. I need 12 questions . . . Am I close?
  7. Ugh . . . More questions to ask . . .
  8. No. This doesn't affect your score.
  9. only two more questions!! Fav Colour?
  10. Am I being annoying now?

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Quiz topic: How likeable am I?