Whose more likeable-you or your friend?

You think you're more likeable. Your friend thinks their more likeable. How does one solve the problem plaguing both you and your friend in a way other than taking a poll?

This quiz, obviously, is the answer. You just answer 14 simple questions-honestly, or the results are wrong-and ta-da! One of you is dubbed more likeable and the other disappointed.

Created by: Almost Genius
  1. When people come over to have a general conversation, who do they talk to in the beginning?
  2. Alright, let's say your friend has made other seating arrangements on the bus. Who do you sit with?
  3. Let's change the scenario a bit. Let's say you've decided to sit with someone else today. What would your friend do?
  4. Be honest here-Who's funnier?
  5. Same question as above. I didn't have enough space for all the options.
  6. Who's more of a leader (IE Takes charge in group during class, starts their own games at gym, etc)
  7. Who's more creative (IE Artistically, project ideas, classwork, etc)
  8. Who's more 'in' (IE Knows all the latest songs/artists, is more, er, 'advanced' in their knowledge of the reproduction...)
  9. Who can explain better?
  10. Who gets better grades?
  11. Who do the teachers prefer?
  12. Who are boys (If you're a girl) or girls (If you're a boy) more interested in?

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Quiz topic: Whose more likeable-you or my friend?