How Likeable Are You?

There are a lot of 'popular' people out there. Are THAT popular, or are you a just likeable person? These questions can confuse people. Is popular: lots of friends, people know you, or you are likeable. WHAT IS IT?!?!?

Are YOU likeable. Do YOU have those secrets that you give to your main friends? Do the people around you respect you out of kindness or fear. WHAT ARE YOU!!!!

Created by: Fire_Fairy
  1. How many BEST friends do you have?
  2. What kind of music do you like?
  3. WARNING: The Rest of These Questions Must Be Answered Truthfully or My Calculations Will Be Messed UP. They Are YES or NO questions.
  4. Have you ever been humiliated in front of your friends by a parent?
  5. Do rumors have a way to find you?
  6. Do you have the habit of touching people at random times?
  7. Do you read a lot?
  8. Can you climb at least 20 feet high in a tree? (I know its weird but I have a reason for it)
  9. GIRLS: Do you wear makeup?
  10. BOYS: DO you comb your hair every morning?
  11. Do you play X-Box360, Playstation3, etc.?
  12. Do you play outdoors a lot?
  13. Have you ever bullied anyone to get your way (BE TRUTHFUL!)

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Quiz topic: How Likeable am I?