How Levittown Are You?

This is a quiz to separate the real Levittowners from the fakes... Hey just because you've been to Sesame Place does not mean you know Levittown! Do you know the borders? Let's see how you do.

Have you been here your whole life? Or have you been around for a while? Let's test your knowledge on good old Levittown! Lets see how "Levittown" you really are.

Created by: Patti

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  1. Where was the first Mc Donalds in the area located?
  2. The largest section in Levittown is?
  3. What is the correct name of the man who created "Levittown"
  4. In what year did Oxford Valley Mall convert their ramp to the second floor to stairs?
  5. On Interstate 95, what is the "old" exit #
  6. What Hwy had its name changed to "Veterans Hwy?"
  7. Which of the listed Diners is the most popular to young adults?
  8. Which Fast food joint used to sit on the corner across from the old "fudruckers"?
  9. You would consider spending the rest of your life in Levittown...
  10. How would you describe the people in Levittown?

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Quiz topic: How Levittown am I?