How Lenton Boulevard are you?

Many people long to be part of the select few people who truly know Lenton Boulevard in Nottingham. But are you truly one of them? Find out in this scientifically proven test.

Are you a person of Lenton Boulevard? Do you have the knowledge it takes to be part of this select group. Only this test will tell. Dare you risk the shame of not measuring up to be "Totally Lenton Boulevard" ?

Created by: David Palmer

  1. Which civil rights leader has a building named after him?
  2. What is the name of the Catholic Church in Lenton Boulevard?
  3. What is the name of the splendid priest at the aforementioned Catholic Church?
  4. What building is this splendid church, which is the envy of the catholic world, situated next to?
  5. Where is the real presence of Jesus in the blessed sacrament situated in Lenton Boulevard?
  6. What time is Sunday Mass at the most important building on Lenton Boulevard?
  7. Which group runs a soup kitchen on Lenton Boulevard?
  8. Would the priest at the exquisite Catholic Church make a wonderful Bishop
  9. Would the priest at the exquisite Catholic Church make a wonderful Bishop
  10. Are there any more questions that can be asked about Lenton Boulevard

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Quiz topic: How Lenton Boulevard am I?