Hey can you guys spare a moment?

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Hey guys so I just wanted to run an idea past you and see what you think of it. I'd really like to see your opinion. So I hope it all turns out for the best!

'I walk a lonely road, The only one that I have ever known, Don't know where it goes, But it's home to me and I walk alone. I walk this empty street, On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, When the city sleeps, And I'm the only one and I walk alone.'

Created by: Freeze

  1. Hey guys I just wanted to run an idea past you and see if you like it!
  2. So I was thinking... If you don't know I like to write a few stories now an then, novels I like to call them but I don't have any published. They are all unfinished but I'm planning to finish one by the end of the year but this isn't what I wanted to run by you guys.
  3. I wanted to run by the idea that since I haven't been putting out very many quizzes lately that I could maybe once every one or two months give you a sneak peaks of some of my novels.
  4. It's just an idea so you don't have to like it but I was just running it through. I'd like to see what you guys think.
  5. So let's say one month I put out a little sneak peak of one novel and them a couple or so months later I put out another novel sneak peek from a different one. It won't last forever though. I only have so many novels that I've written but I thought it was an ok idea. Just to make up for the quizzes I haven't been putting out.
  6. So please vote in the comments or you can email me at carbuncle@live(.)com.au without the parentheses!
  7. You guys are awesome!
  8. Also please check out my quiz series Fragments of my memory and my other one Vampire Academy Love Story and yes, I have a HP one too, Maybe Hogwarts Isn't So Easy After All...
  9. *skip*
  10. *skip*

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Quiz topic: Hey can I guys spare a moment?