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  • @33iZZy18- Cool and yea I might do it every one or two weeks. That's cool for me. I'll have to check out that quiz series!

    @crazygi rl4112- Cool yea I'll do that. Months do seem very long.

    @xxblutixx - Don't feel bad. I didn't write for a while and then I came back and hardly anyone knew so don't apologize! Cool and yea months are long, weeks definitely sound better. I just feel like without my quizzes getting put up a lot I need to put out some stuff just to let people know I'm still here.

  • FREEZE! Oh my goodness, I feel so bad v.v I didn't know you've been back to writing! :/ shoot, I need to catch up... I'm sorry! As for this idea, yeah, it sounds cool =) and months does sound ominously long... though you don't have to do it in compulsion of giving us something to read, if a few weeks or days is too rapid for you.

  • I like that idea!:D it aounds awesome! But instead of a few months apart can it be a few days or weeks? bcuz months seems too long.... and when I started my series (Its called Forever and Always) it just cane out of impulse and it turned out great!

  • @octopus5650- yes I do hate it when people do that. And cool. I'm going to do it. I'm not sure which one I'll put out first though.

    @wolfgrl 45- That's the idea. Thanks for commenting!

  • Yeah, it sounds like a great idea, but I agree with 33izzy18. Spread it out by a couple of weeks instead of months.

  • I like it. Just not too much. Just enough to let me know if I'll like it or not.


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