How Knaresborian are you

How much of a Knaresborian are you, just living in the town doesnt make you one. What does it mean to be a Knaresborian and do you have what it takes?

Take the quiz to find out how you measure up against your friends. It only takes a couple of minutes and should give you a giggle on the way. Post your results on Facebook so we can all have a laugh.

Created by: Paul Sigsworth

  1. Have you ever been to mother Shiptons cave?
  2. Do you buy the Knaresborough post?
  3. What does bed race day mean to you?
  4. Bebra gardens or Moat gardens?
  5. How well do you know your neighbours?
  6. Sharon van Zelsts photographs
  7. Your local pub
  8. Market day is?
  9. To speak to a councellor you would?
  10. Who owns the castle?

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