How Kirby are you?

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Are you a Kirby Muxloe Kid... Or just wished you were? Test your knowledge and wits to discover if you are indeed Very Village. Do you know your Keep from your Croft? Your Main Street from your Station Road. Continue if you dare.

This is a simple quiz for simple people... people from the shire, the shire of Kirby. You know who you are and you should probably just get back to propping up one of the local bars.

Created by: Amanda

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  1. Do you know your Forest Rise from your Forest Drive?
  2. How many lines did you have in a Kirby Primary Chistmas play?
  3. How many years of your childhood up to 18 did you live in da village?
  4. How many of the following have you been in? The Airmans? The Castle (not the pub)? The Forest Lodge? Parsons Gallery?
  5. Have you ever sledged down Bloods Hill?
  6. Did you have a red Alliance & Leicester bank book?
  7. Have you ever fell (accidently or on purpose) into the moat or brook?
  8. What buses run through Kirby?
  9. Have you ever crashed a car in or around Kirby?
  10. Have you worked in any of the following: The Oak, The Castle, The Golf Club, The Sports Club
  11. Were you born at Roundhills?
  12. Did you ever get red eye from swimming in the primary school baths?
  13. Did you pick up p--- mags at the back of the castle farm, from the casepak containers?
  14. Do you have any relatives buried in Kirby Cemetery?
  15. Do you have any non golf related regrets from one of the golf course bunkers?
  16. Have you ever stolen from Mace?
  17. Did you ride the witches hat in the park?
  18. Have you ever played for a Kirby Muxloe sports team?
  19. Have you had a drunken fumble on the park?
  20. Were you brave enough to enter Carmel?
  21. Spot the odd one out.
  22. How many times have you used the railway phone to ask if it was safe to cross with your unicorn (or other)?
  23. Did you ever cross the pipes?
  24. You know where to find Devil's Wall???
  25. You remember the smell of the Old Library?
  26. You know what the Lantern and/or Kirby Comment is?
  27. You have spent an unhealthy amount of time in the corn fields doing unheathly things...
  28. You know your TRS and Sandhurst from your G.H Watts

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