Hardest Kirby Quiz in History

This is my first quiz in my second account.i made a kirby quiz because i am a spectacullar fan of him.he is so cute.kirby is just a fantasical game to play

I think i did not put any questions about king dedede.i have not got kirby super star ultra yet.getting it in christmas.also kirby figures from ebay in christmas.so are you a fan of kirby?

Created by: kirbyandlpsfan

  1. Easy one:What game did kirby first appeared pink,usa only not in japan games
  2. Was kirby super star sprite form or 3d form
  3. Is whispy woods in every game
  4. Extra credit:what was my first kirby game
  5. What was the two monsters that tricked kirby
  6. Kirby had three friends in the amazing mirror what are the names
  7. Kirby 64 did ribbon kissed kirby
  8. What was meta knight doing in kirby return to dreamland before the ship crashed
  9. What was kirby's first name ever
  10. Did meta knight got a game and did he destroy his own ship
  11. Extra credit:what was the social hiercacy in ancient mesapotamia
  12. Who created nj
  13. Was this quiz good
  14. Bye guys

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