What Kirby character are you?

You all may know all about Kirby but are you Kirby the quiz bellow tells if so and I hope you enjoy it!!! But wait there's more bellow!!!!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the wonderful Kirby? You can find out with this quiz I decided since I love Kirby I should do a quiz on him so here we are!

Created by: Kitten tamer

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  1. "sire let's just forget about the castle and go for a cappichino" Did you say this line?
  2. Do you get along with tuff and or tiff very well?
  3. How would you feel if you eat kawasakie's food?
  4. What is your favroite food?
  5. Does a fish call kine seem to be into you?
  6. Did you help or at least fight EnEMY?
  7. Meta knight: I will show you to the bridge ???:yeah I'd like to push you off one! Are you the character who said the last line?
  8. Did you participate in Kirby sqeak suad?
  9. Did you enjoy??
  10. Thanks!!!

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Quiz topic: What Kirby character am I?