How Kind are you?? REALLY

DO NOT fight cause it is really mean so be nice! Btw you can share with your friends! you can do a challenge with your friends to see who is kinder or more evil.

Pls follow my quiz I'll make next time! put some Ideas in the comments don't expect any replies cause I'm not allowed to chat online hope you do well!

Created by: Aphmaufan!!!
  1. First, how do your friends describe you as?
  2. RP Time!!!Your Walking down to the mall and hear crying what do you do???
  3. I'm running out of questions so this might be short!!You got a McDonald's Ice cream and fries but see someone poor with a small child. What do you do????
  4. How would you react if your BFF doesn't want to be your BFF
  5. I found my friend back stabbing me what would you do??
  6. Do you like my first quiz???
  7. Should I make more quiz
  8. Also bye!!!
  9. What color is love???
  10. Do you believe bulling is HORRIBLE

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Quiz topic: How Kind am I?? REALLY