Are we meant to be online GoToQuiz friends?

Hi. It's Anna! hey let me just point out that I'm sorry for making those weird pa st quizzes I know that they had a lot of things that needed nonsense. but that's because I was complete ly bored and had nothing else to do so I apologize,this quiz is about if we can be friends or not or how much we have in common as another wording basically these 20 questions will see how much we have in common basically and if we have a long condom we're friends and if you don't then probably not but this will just see if we could be all in friends or not but that just really depends just take the clothes and see what result you get

it's clear this quiz is not for entertainment I'm not trying to hurt anyone but. just take the clothes and see what results you get if w e can be online friends or not because there's some people on the i ntern et that I know on this website that doesn't really like me and their son that think I'm really cool but it really does depend so yeah just take the clothes and see if we have some things in common or not hopefully you won't be when I online friends but you're not done that's fine we're still friends but we're not definitely online best friends or anything so yeah

Created by: Anna Vamila Mix

  1. are you werid?
  2. Do you love to sing?
  3. Do you like KPop? Some of my favorite groups are Mamamoo, EXID, Twice, EXO, Red Velvet, (G)I-DLE, Fromis_9, IZ*ONE etc!
  4. Are you quiet like me?
  5. Do you know the name of (G)I-DLE's comeback? If you're not into KPop, feel free to skip this question, if you're interested, listen to them on any music service and search up info about their comeback on Wiki
  6. 1900 Collage website cost it! (Get the joke?)
  7. Are you a Boy or Girl?
  8. Go look up Lovleyz, they are underrated and devrere more recgenrtion, they it have 100K on YouTube and monthly listeners on Spotify, if you're not into KPop, you proberly won't like them but it's always great to give something a listen!
  9. If I was getting hate from trolls, What would you do?
  10. If I was bored and wanted to talk to you, would you?
  11. If my account got hacked, would you tell me so I know?
  12. Are you easy going?
  13. Do you spread drama?
  14. So you respect others opinons?
  15. Hey! I'm Miokinea
  16. Your Awesome!
  17. Do YOU think we can be online GoToQuiz friends?
  18. I'm sad, what do you do?
  19. Your favorite type of YouTube videos?
  20. Are you nice? (This is the most important thing for us to be online GoToQuiz friends?

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