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  • I een Jamaican but let one Bahamian quiz come dat get mash up

    RealBlackGyal Mar 8 '14, 12:18PM
  • mi de suppose to get 100 cayn mi come from Jamaica suh ohnuh cayn sey mi get 83 ohnuh bright and out of orda

    simon grant Feb 13 '14, 9:47PM
  • no jamincan man. Hey knock knock whos there jammacain jammacain who jammican me crazy man! haha

    puppals1 Dec 4 '12, 9:48PM
  • Irae, mon!

    mishele Jan 23 '08, 11:36PM
  • dah test yah did bad still. dun kno seh mi get 97 areddi.

    tasha_ja Dec 6 '07, 3:42PM

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