How into the French Alps are you?

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Winter's on its way and the Alps are already looking snowy. If you enjoy a trip to the French Alps then why not test your French Alps knowledge with this quiz.

Skiing? France? Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt? But how much do you really know about this awesome winter destination? Why not have a go at this quiz to find out...

Created by: Jelly Translations
  1. You go out for supper and your waiter asks you whether you would like some "Genepi" on the house:
  2. You and your friend go for a hot chocolate in Courchevel 1850 and pay for it with a 10€ note:
  3. There's a whiteout on the slopes and you are so disorientated that you think you may have ventured off piste by accident:
  4. You have hired a car on the French side in Geneva:
  5. Local legend talks of the "Dahu", but what is it referring to?
  6. Which peculiarities make the Blanchot hare so adapted to the mountains?
  7. Your ski instructor starts talking about "dragonnes":
  8. There is talk that a "foehn" wind is forecast:
  9. You love a cheese fondue and decide to make your own back in your apartment. What is the secret ingredient that shouldn't be left out?
  10. You are staying in French-owned accommodation and find the English welcome pack very tricky to decipher:

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Quiz topic: How into the French Alps am I?