Awesome French Quiz (:

There are tons of people around the world that speak French. It's a popular language. It's fun, and not too difficult to learn. Especially the simple stuff.... Featured in this quiz!

How much simple French do you know? Lots? None? Since your just sitting there wondering, take the quiz! See how much you really know about French numbers, the alphabet, and songs. It's easy, and fun!

Created by: lemurluver

  1. Ok, this is my quiz. Remember, I am only a beginner in learning French. This quiz is over the French #'s 1-20 and some other stuff too.Hope you enjoy! *Note: You hÄ…vÄ™ to pick the first answer to get this right
  2. What is "3" in French?
  3. What number is this? -Onze-
  4. This? -Huit-
  5. There are __ letters that have Dix in front of them, which means that its __ teen, in English. One of them is Dix-sept. How many are there including that one?
  6. Cinq is what number?
  7. What number is Dix-Neuf?
  8. What is the last letter of 6 in French?
  9. Find the real French number (1-20) out the ones below.
  10. Which one is a French song?
  11. How many letters are there in the French alphabet?
  12. How do you spell the 20th number of the French language?
  13. What is Un?
  14. Ok, my quiz is over. Hope you enjoyed! *Note: You hÄ…vÄ™ to pick the first answer to het it right.

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