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  • Your Result: Head Over Heels!

    Youre completely into him! You adore him! He is all you think about! You are not quite obsessive, but youre definatly serious about your feelings toward him!

    I guess that's true. I do really like him. the only thing is he seems a little shy still, even though he's already my bf.

  • Ok so i just wanted to share this with you guys so my bff celeste, dosnt even want to hear about him anymore and i cant say i really blame her but shes suppossed to be my bff and she still should listen to what i have to say post a comment and let me no what you guys think let me no by!

  • Slightly into him? When he passes by I literally faint and start to hyperventilate and my friends who know I have a crush on him have to shove me into the wall to make me calm down. I AM HEAD OVER HEELS. All of my friends know.

  • It said that im head over heels for him and frankly it would be lying if it said anything different lol #brianlover

  • It said I'm slightly in to him, hmm... I guess that's good.

    Great quiz, I like it!

    I like music

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