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  • 78%
    Though it's a lot about Chicago, and though I'm not in the city, all I hear about IS Chicago, so, yep.

    PanickingKilljoy Oct 25 '11, 7:03PM
  • Okay, so if you're from southern Illinois and aren't a history buff don't take this quiz cause it's all about the stupid city of Chicago. I got a 67%, lived here all my life (15 years) I just have one thing to say. THERE IS MORE TO ILLINOIS THAN CHICAGO.

    iDAREu Oct 22 '11, 9:26PM
  • shut up a hole to tomaniac2 whatever

    forever hope Sep 5 '11, 12:19PM
  • I am disappointed that the IL Quiz I took didn't answer for me those I answered incorrectly! Very regretful I took the time for the quiz...without answers that I'm too rushed with serious personal business to look up. Thanks but...not again.

    Writer Aug 15 '10, 12:07PM
  • I got 70% and I live in Illinois...oh well,not like I lived here for a long time,just for my whole life of 13.5 years!

    vleroy728 Feb 1 '10, 8:25PM
  • i got a 60%

    ern11 Nov 26 '08, 1:37PM
  • 50% pretty good cuz i dont liv in illinois (i might someday tho)

    converse41 Oct 16 '08, 4:47PM
  • Illinois Sucks! Same with Illinoisins and the Bears, Cubs and all that Illinois crap! Go Packers

    Tomaniac2 Apr 1 '08, 9:54PM
  • i moved from illinois in 85 thanks to my parent getting remarried and i got an 92% so take that indiana

    andrewm23j Mar 1 '08, 9:54AM
  • I lives in illinois i still only got 73%

    DSa Feb 26 '08, 7:23PM

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