How healthy are you?

Are you really healthy? Health has a huge impact on your life and this quiz will tell you how healthy you really are. In this quiz are things Doctors usually miss out on.

So don't miss this chance on taking this quiz! Answer some simple questions and within minutes you'll see if you really are healthy or not. Hope you do well!

Created by: lala4567

  1. How many hours of sleep do you get per night?
  2. How many glasses of water do you have a day?
  3. Do you drink Milk?
  4. Do you drink any type of pop or soda? Including drinks like coke, pepsi, crush etc.
  5. Kind of embarrasing, but what colour is your pee? The reason I ask is because this tells me if your hyderated or not.
  6. Do you drink any type of fruit juice?
  7. How many days a week do you exercise?
  8. How often do you eat Cake, chocolate and other sugary foods?
  9. How many times a day do you poop?
  10. How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?
  11. How often do you get protein?
  12. Do eat fried food, microwavable food or toaster food? Ex: McDonalds, precookes pasta from the store, Pizza pops.
  13. Look at the tips of your nails and try to bend them by pressing on them with your other finger. Describe to me what it looks like and what happens.
  14. Thank you for taking my quiz. Don't forget to rate and comment. Now, lets see your results!

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Quiz topic: How healthy am I?