How hate filled are you?

We live in a world, where not everyone plays by the rules. Unfortunetly, our world is a mean place, not a happy one. It is also filled with hate. What does it mean to hatefilled? It means that you are filled with hate.

Are you hatefilled? Not sure? Well, maybe this quiz will help you find out and help you discover yourself. Thanks to this quiz, YOU will know if you're love filled and calm, or hate filled and evil!

Created by: UV
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  1. You see an old lady crossing the street, you...
  2. If you saw a mexican crossing the border, what would you do?
  3. You see a homeless person on the street, you...
  4. A bunch of kids run into your yard and start walking/running/playing in it, you...
  5. A local fundraiser is having a fundraiser and a 10 year old girl with an innocent voice comes 2 ur door 2 sell u candy, u tell them..
  6. 2 ppl are mean 2 u @ school and they insult u every day, and they even you
  7. Which of the following is your favorite word?
  8. You got a 97 on a test, and your enemy got a 60, you..
  9. Are you a racist?
  10. Have you ever thought of killing some1 via burning, shootnig, stabbing, throat slitting,etc?
  11. If you were stuck in a room for 6 months with every1 u hate, and u had a gun, rifle and a flamethrower(AND NO IT WON'T BURN THE ROOM, ONLY THE PERSON), and every life need, what would u do?
  12. A bunch of thugs steal your bike and break some1s window, u.....
  13. If u cud change 1 thing in the world what would it be?
  14. What type of music suits ur personality?
  15. How Many Choices on this quiz did you find 2 be funny?

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Quiz topic: How hate filled am I?