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  • 58% percent of gratitude.

    Well... I kiss my mum on the cheek and say thank you every time we have lunch, and I smile and say thank you and give charity and tips to people.

    But I never smile in public unless someone smiles to me.

    Whoa... Truth feels nice...

    Huh?... OK, nice quiz, I like it a lot, I am the fist to comment, quiz maker did good job, nice. Give eight stars.

    I like music
  • You have a 45% attitude of gratitude!

    Well I guess I smile at people, and say thank you to everyone who does good, but I guess I don't appreciate the good things that happen to me. Great quiz tho =)

  • I got 70%. I know Im not perfect, but I can improve.

  • I got 6°\°

  • Thank you. I like this quiz a lot

    shruti khare

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