how gothic am I

There are many different type of people in this world. And well it takes one to truly be amazing. This is a goth quiz first what is a goth? a goth isnt like an emo a goth does like using black clothes for what they are most commonly known for but they aren't cutter goths enjoy life but they just have thus thing for dark and black stuff

Are you gothic? this quiz will help understand just why. You could be gothic or you could just like the style lets see how you measure out for myself I think goths are awesome. So I hope you enjoy the quiz. Good luck :))

Created by: natisha
  1. what are goths favourite colour?
  2. goths are....
  3. my favorite colours are...
  4. the clothes I use are....
  5. my hair colour is...
  6. what music do I listen to..
  7. which of these names would I prefer?
  8. my age is
  9. are you...
  10. do have piercings or tattoos?

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