How Good is Your Warrior Cats OC?

Hey there, stranger! Are you a Warrior Cats fan? Do you enjoy making Warrior Cats OCs? Do you find yourself wanting to test said OCs? Well, if so, then this is the perfect quiz for you!

This quiz will test out if your OC is well-made or not. Just put in the answers that are the most true to the OC you want to test, and voilà! There are your results! Joke characters and even main-series characters work fine as well. This is sounding like a commercial now haha lol

Created by: Red

  1. Okay, let’s begin. First of all, what sounds the most like your OC’s name?
  2. Second off, what role does your OC play?
  3. Does your OC have powers?
  4. How many prophecies are about your cat?
  5. How many colors does your cat have (in their fur alone)?
  6. Eye color? I know this kinda goes hand-in-hand with fur color, but it’s still the main focus of character art, after all!
  7. Scenario time! Let’s say your OC has their back up against a wall, and several dogs are barking and growling at them, dangerously close. The only way out is to fight, or die trying. What is their choice?
  8. One day, your OC is leading a border patrol when they see rouges and an enemy Clan trespassing! Their patrol is big enough to take on both, but it’ll be hard. What do they do?
  9. Your OC is just chillin and sunning on some rocks outside of camp when their arch nemesis appears and challenges them. What do they say?
  10. Lastly, what do YOU think your OC is? (Won’t affect results)

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Quiz topic: How Good is my Warrior Cats OC?