What a warrior! Part 3

Here it is! I know I didn't get this out in time for Thanksgiving, but oh well. At least it was longer right! Anyways, thanks for taking these! I have fun making them!

Goodnight all. Don't you just love warrior cats? I made up those 3 clans and a bunch of cats to go with them. I might even realease it as an information quiz!

Created by: Birdsong234
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  1. Recap: You come back to camp when Cherryfern yowls to your leader! >:D
  2. Goldenstar looked up from talking to Dustleap. Cherryfern murmured into her ear and they both rushed into Goldenstars den. Fireleg trotted up to you. "What happened over there?" she mewed. You shrugged, and looked at the fresh kill pile. A bird was all that was there. The empty pile made you remember Hawkclaw. You felt guilty, but brushed it away. You were just protecting defenseless rabbit kits from being left alone. Then you remembered the warm look Bramblestone gave you. ("No! I am NOT falling in love with another clan cat!") Goldenstar padded out of her den, followed by Cherryfern. "Let all cats old enough to run and climb gather under Blackbranch for a clan meeting!" she yowled. You and Fireleg followed the cats sitting under the blackened branch. Pantherheart and Specklewind came out of the nursery, Specklewinds kits bouncing along with them. Scarletkit and Greenkit were Sunfrosts kits. As every cat got settled, Goldenstar scratched her claws along the branch. "Lightning clan warriors are plotting with rouges!" she hissed. Yowls and spits of outrage came from the cats. Only Lightwing stayed silent. You were confused, what could Lightningclan be doing NOW? Your stomach burned with hatred, you would never forget what they did to your father. You yowled your hate to the sky.
  3. Running her claws along the branch, Goldenstar waited for the noise to die down. "I will take these cats with me." she meowed. "Hawkclaw, Sunfrost, Fireleg, Windstream, Bumbletail, Needlewave, Duskpool, Echorain, Robinsong, Honeypaw, Stormpaw, and Moonpaw." she leapt down from the branch, and padded over to the fresh kill pile. Nudging Fireleg, you both got up and went to the pile. Taking two mice, you and Fireleg went to your spot next to where Snowclaw and Duskpool were eating. Duskpool glanced up at you, and purred when he saw Fireleg. "Hello you two. Care to join us?" he mewed. You blinked thanks at him an sat down. Taking a bite of your mouse you felt someone's gaze. Expecting Hawkclaw, you glanced around at the cat warmly. Shocked to see Needlewave staring at you, you quickly turned around and finished your mouse. You and Fireleg shared tongues with Snowclaw and Duskpool, when Goldenstar started gathering the cats to go to the gathering. Meowing goodbye to Snowclaw, you, Fireleg, and Duskpool padded up to the group. Hawkclaw caught your eye, and he had a pleading look in his. You dipped your head to let him know you forgave him, and trotted next to him, leaving Fireleg and Duskpool alone. Purring, you and Hawkclaw padded side by side to Whiterock.
  4. Bursting out into the clearing, you saw that Leafstar was already on the Whiterock. Flicking Hawkclaw with your tail, you looked for Fawnpelt, your friend in Dawnclan. Padding next to her, you were about to say something when Copperstar bolted in, yowling an entrance. Laying your ears flat, you turned to the Whiterock. Leafstar stepped foward, starting to speak first. "Dawnclan in thriving, and we have a new apprentice, Pepperpaw." A small dark red she-cat with a black smudge on her tail bowed her head in embarrassment as her name rang out around the clearing. Leafstar stole a glance at Goldenstar, and they exchanged a nod as Goldenstar would say about Lightningclan's disloyalty. Leafstar stepped back, and Copperstar stepped up. One cat from Dawnclan hissed at him, and you had to suppress a mwrow of laughter as you saw it was Mudrock, an elder. "Lightningclan has not much to report, except that one of our warriors chased a rouge out of our territory, and he was headed towards Pineclan's border." he nodded and stepped back. Goldenstar shoved past Copperstar, and hissed at him, "Traitor!" He looked at her, shocked. "What in the name of-" she silenced him with a snarl. "What? Is allying with rouges something you do often? You disgust me." she raked her claw on the rock, waiting for his reply.
  5. Copperstar blinked at her. "I know nothing of what you speak." he said. "Oh sure. Yes, but tell me one thing. Why should we believe YOU?!" she hissed. Copperstar snarled and unsheathed his claws. "Are you calling me a lier?" he said in a dangerously low voice. "Did I stutter?" she hissed back. Thunder suddenly boomed from the heavens, and lightning cracked. You hear a gasp from Cherryfern, and you see her pound up to Goldenstar. She turned around and yowled to all the cats, "This is a prophecy! Thunderspeck (dead cat) will come down from Starclan and Lightningclan will crack!" she leapt back to her spot. "This isn't over." Copperstar hissed at the other leaders, and gathered his clan to leave. Goldenstar and Leafstar nodded at each other, and leapt down from Whiterock. Starting to leave, you felt someone tug on your tail, beckoning you over to behind the Whiterock. Curiously glancing around, you looked behind the rock.  
  6. Bramblestone's warm brown eyes gleamed back at you. ("What's he doing here?") you thought. "Hello." he mewed, wrapping his tail around his paws. "Is... There something you need?" you asked, growing wary. "No nothing much. I just felt like I needed to see your face again." he said, his gaze trapping yours. "Look... I don't really think-" he silenced you with his tail and motioned for you to stay there. He got up and went over to Leafstar. "Leafstar, I'm going to stay behind and hunt a little, I think a saw a juicy squirrel calling my name." Bramblestone said. Leafstar purred and said, "Alright. Just come back before dawn." Bramblestone nodded, and went over to Goldenstar. "Goldenstar, I'm going to need to keep Robinsong behind. Leafstar would like for me to share something with her." Goldenstar narrowed her eyes, but nodded. "If she is not back by dawn, we will send a patrol for her." she said dangerously. Bramblestone dipped his head, and bounded back to you. You slanted your amber eyes at him. "Why? What do you see in me that you don't in Dawnclan's she-cats?" you ask him. His eyes clouded with grief. "You wouldn't understand right now. I'll tell you when you'll understand." he said, flipping his tail over your back. "Care to go for a run?" he purred. You felt very uncertain, but you were feeling the sparks flying as you purred and followed him into the trees.
  7. You and Bramblestone pounded along, side by side. ("Oh, if only others could feel this wonderful!") you thought. You suddenly realized that you were in love with Bramblestone. Guilt searing your heart, it gave you energy and you sped ahead of him. Feeling as if your paws were wings, you breezed past the Suntree, only to swerve back around and claw your way up to the top branch. You could hear Bramblestone purring as he clawed his way behind you. Easily sitting down on the huge branch, you gazed at him. Strong muscles under a dark oaky brown pelt... Eyes almost matching yours... You started thinking about the kits you could have with him. He looked back at you, thinking the exact same thoughts. "How will we explain about "us" to our clans?" you asked, scooting closer to him. "Do the same thing our ancestors did. Lie." he purred jokingly. You purred back. You glanced at the horizon, seeing the sun rays just peeking out. You glanced at him. "I'm going to have to go... Will you do this again?" you asked him. "Gladly." he said. "How about tomorrow night?" "That would be good." you nuzzled his ear. "Goodbye Bramblestone." He licked your face. "Goodbye, Robinsong." Sliding down the tree, you raced towards camp.
  8. Pushing your way through the ferns guarding your camp, you were greeted by Fireleg. She pressed you for details. "What did he want? Is it secret? Does he have a crush on you? Tell me!" you purred and shoved her away. "I'm going to get some sleep." you croak. "I'll tell you when I wake up." That was a lie of course, because, well, you were going to lie.
  9. You awoke to the prodding of a claw. It was Hawkclaw. "Cherryfern said that she would take on Silverpaw as her apprentice!" he meowed excitedly. You quickly got up and gave yourself a quick grooming. You and Hawkclaw padded out of the den, and met the cats meeting under Blackbranch. Cherryfern and Silverpaw were both sitting next to Goldenstar. "Silverpaw, is this what you want?" Goldenstar asked. Silverpaw nodded eagerly. "And Echorain, is this alright with you?" Echorain (Silverpaws old mentor) dipped her head gracefully. "Than may Starclan watch over you on your new path to become a medicine cat." Goldenstar said. Silverpaw went over to Cherryfern and they dipped their heads. Goldenstar leaped down, and padded to her den, probably mulling over Lightningclan. You flicked Hawkclaw with your tail and went up to Dustleap. You just couldn't get Bramblestones face out of your mind, and you couldn't wait for tonight! "Hey Dustleap, do you mind if I go patrol the Dawnclan border with a few cats? I think I might have smelled fox." Dustleap dipped his head and said, "Report back if anything suspicious is going on, I still don't trust Dawnclan. He narrowed his eyes, turning away from you. You bounded up to Fireleg and Needlewave. "Hey guys, if you don't want to stay here talking like a bunch of elders, then let's go on patrol to the Dawnclan's border!" They bounced up immediately. *That's the old Needlewave I knew!* you thought as you purred, bounding towards the entrance.
  10. Cliffhanger! I know that's a terrible spot but, I'm saving the meeting for the next one! Hoped you liked! If you have any new suggestions, just tell me in the comments!

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