How Good At Howrse Are You?

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Howrse is a popular game on the internet, where you get to look after horses and a riding center of your very own! It has over 15 milion people who are all knowleageable about the game, or are they???

So, how good are you at Howrse? Do you find it easy to use, or struggle so much you can't even find your objectives? This quiz will try and give accurate results! Enjoy!!

Created by: Dictionary2000

  1. What is the difference between a Golden Apple and a Diamond Apple?
  2. If I went to the Equestrian Center Classifieds, what would I see?
  3. What is WNTP?
  4. Which if the following cannot be bought for passes or diamonds?
  5. Who is chrissyh?
  6. What are the actions I can do with my horse in the top left box?
  7. Which of the following is not part of the gemstone horses?
  8. Why is Howrse spelt Howrse and not Horse?
  9. What time does your horse have to be in bed by(24hr)?
  10. What breed has just been introduced( the week starting 13th February 2012)?

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Quiz topic: How Good At Howrse am I?