How Good At Basketball Are You

there are many basketball players in the world.i mean billions some think they are better than the really are.whats is a hooper?.a hooper is someone who play ball dai and day out no matter what is goin on in the world.

Are You A hooper? do you have the skills to be the best? now is your chance to see if it is true.When you take this quiz you will know if you should continue to play basketball..

Created by: Dorian

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who Is Your Favorite player?
  2. What Is Your Best Attribute?
  3. Best Move
  4. Role On A Team
  5. how often do you play
  6. where do u play
  7. what rec do u play at
  8. postion
  9. how may years of varsity
  10. what shoes you hoop in
  11. what college u want 2 go to
  12. where do u rank in your class

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Quiz topic: How Good At Basketball am I