how much do you know about basketball

Do you know basketball? Its time to find out. Thats right, this quiz is all about basketball. The rules, the players, the teams, everything. Take this quiz and discover your inner basketball player.

Think you know everything? I doubt it. Can you master the game. Or will you just fail trying. This quiz will tell you. Its a good quiz. Probly only take a couple minutes. Try it.

Created by: jaymis/liam
  1. What is the goal of basketball?
  2. What player on the Denver Nuggets is the number 15?
  3. If a player is running with the ball what is it called?
  4. Who lost to North Carolina in the 2009 NCAA mens final four contest?
  5. How many points is a foul shot worth?
  6. What is "Magic" Johnson's real name?
  7. How many kinds of time outs are there?
  8. Which NBA team has one the most finals?
  9. Where do the Timberwolves play?
  10. How many players are on the court at any given side?(counting both teams)
  11. How many referees are there?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about basketball