Do you know about basketball?

There are a lot of people in this world, but not many know about basketball. Test your wits to see if you know about basketball. The questions are easy all you need to do is come up with the most logical answer. Souds pretty easy so get to answering the questions understand. Good luck.

Are you smart, smart to know about basketball? Can you ace the test to becoming a champ of basketball? Well get going because you dont need to be sitting there reading this you need to be answering these questions to see if your a champ of knowing about basketball.

Created by: bridgett
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  1. what is it called when you bounce a ball off of someones head?
  2. What is it called when someone shoots a shot from close up while running?
  3. What is the longest shot you can make?
  4. Making a basket in basketball is called what?
  5. What do you o in basketball?
  6. What does traveling mean?
  7. What does double dribble mean?
  8. Have you ever played on a team?
  9. Were you ever a starter?
  10. Wreyou ever mvp?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about basketball?