How Good Are You in Sm64 Hacking?[INSTENSE MODE!]

You must be extremely tired of people mis-informing you, not to hurt your feeling if you are an expert in the super Mario 64 hackery scenario. Well that time has come to an end by just answering this quiz! Quiz made by Stanley Jamie A. K. A Cackletta.

Are you a Super Mario 64 hacking expert? Do you have the onerous technical intelligence to qualify for this title? It's your time to find out now! Post your answers in smwcentral. Net!

Created by: stanley jamie

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  1. What do written Mips GCC codes within the checksum area end with?
  2. If a sprite was to have an animation rate, what hexadecimal command would have to be written in its behaviour script?
  3. What command sets the parameters, intensity of shading, and vertex coloring of a texture?
  4. Where does the checksum disassembly(in the ROM) of a Mario 64 (US 1.0) ROM range from?
  5. Where does the vanish cap music pointer reside?
  6. Where does Mario's unused vertex data set reside?
  7. Which of these display list polygon pointer commands(DLPPC) delays the RSP microcode until textures are slightly visible?
  8. Which of these Geo Layout commands tends to jump to addresses in a segmental order?
  9. What do written MIPS GCC codes that aims to modify graphic within the checksum area normally begin with?
  10. Which of these NON solid collisions params spawn harmless flame sprites?

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Quiz topic: How Good am I in Sm64 Hacking?[INSTENSE MODE!]